Barry 40 2015 Race Report

Posted March 27th, 2015 in Race Reports by Kay


It has taken a while before I have felt I can write this race report. I had really hoped for a good performance, and a quicker time than last year, and possibly a chance to be selected to represent Wales at the Anglo Celtic plate 100k in May. This year it is to be held in Wales, so it would have been such an honour. But after my poor race, I was clearly not going to stand a chance of being selected.

Running feels fantastic when you are running strongly and well, and the icing on the cake is having a great result at a race. But when things go wrong, running can feel terrible. This was sadly my experience at the Barry 40 this year.barry 40 A leg injury caused problems for me at about the marathon mark, and it was all downhill from there. I got slower and slower, and yes, I finished, but it was not what I had hoped for. But races have positives, and this event organised by Mick Mcgeoch and his team is a truly fantastic event. It has so much history, and is super friendly and organised. I was able to share time on the track with some fantastic athletes, and witness some great running. So definitely a race to be recommended and hopefully one I will return to next year.

And thanks to my lovely lap counters, David Angilley and Mike Feighan. And to Kay at At- your –pace for her continued support.

Photos courtesy of Paul Stillman, and super jacket from AYP!

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