London Marathon 2015

Posted May 14th, 2015 in Race Reports by Kay

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London 2015 was an incredible, unforgettable experience for me for so many reasons- not least the race! Being included in the press conference and photocall, having a pre race interview with Colin Jackson, lining up on the elite start with incredible world class ladies, having supporters out of the course including my family, husband, coach and Cornish running friends and then a post race interview with Gabby Logan and Five Live! It all seemed surreal at the time and even now doesn’t seem like it could have all happened to me. I’ll always treasure it- especially as I only decided on the Monday before the race to actually run it- as I had had terrible niggles in the last few weeks of training and missed a lot of speedwork and some mileage. I’d nearly pulled out of it and not gone!!
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The first half of the race was a bit of a struggle to get going and I was soon running on my own with quite a stiff headwind for long sections. Both British ladies had pulled a large gap on me. I had to keep going for the team and my family who had come so far to watch. Even my favourite part of Tower Bridge felt tough this year. Then at 14 miles I took a gel and got the boost I needed. I felt great for the second half of the race and eventually pulled back the second placed GB lady, Rebecca, at 20 miles and passed her. Then I knew I had to run strong to open a gap and keep ahead of her, and my racing adrenaline fired up. I really enjoyed that last 6 miles! (apart from the last endless 600m of course- OUCH!) I was over the moon to finish 2nd GB lady in 2.35.41- a course PB for me by a minute! I wasn’t expecting that at all! Brett was there with a massive supportive hug and a huge smile…once he could
see I was OK!

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I was so pleased with my new T7 racers- I’d gone up a half a shoe size and had not a single sore toe or blister- and the Brooks compression socks had held my usually cramping calves really snuggly, so ‘d had no problems there either! The right kit can make all the difference for sure! 3 x half packets of Lucozade gels consumed (hands wouldn’t squeeze the rest of the gel out!) and 2 x elite drinks bottles knocked on the floor and undrunk (my hands wouldn’t grab them off the elite tables). Hmm I need hands that work next! Afterwards we had a fantastic afternoon and evening meeting up with the CAC runners – hearing their achievements and celebrating together. And to top it all off our wonderful ladies team medalled in Silver position in the UK Marathon Champs, within the London Marathon! ETERNALLY grateful to Cornwall friends and family, team mates, AYP, Brooks and everyone who battled to get me there- massage, physio, chiro, etc etc. There’s no way I could do any of this alone.

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