Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis means measuring and analysing the biomechanics of your feet and legs as you walk or run on a treadmill. At-Your-Pace Video Gait Analysis uses a treadmill and Dartfish Digital Analysis software, which enables us to capture a clip and replay it in slow motion, as well as giving us the facility to measure angles and synchronise clips side by side. This helps us to analyse differences in gait patterns between running with old or unsuitable footwear, and new footwear suited to your biomechanical needs.

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You will run on the treadmill for a short period of time whilst a clip is taken; once this has been taken, we will talk you through the stages of the gait cycle, and answer any questions you may have about what is happening in the footage. This will assist in finding the appropriate footwear for you and also what kind of runner you are. After analysing the clip we will endeavour to recommend suitable footwear. There is a small charge of £20 for this service. However if footwear is purchased the charge is cancelled and only the retail price of the shoe will be charged.

Gait Analysis






Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a special form of massage and is typically used before, during, and after athletic events. The purpose of the massage is to prepare the athlete for peak performance, to drain away fatigue, to relieve swelling, to reduce muscle tension, to promote flexibility and to prevent injuries.





 Treatment of Sports Injuries

Treatment of Sports Injuries

To book a Sports Injury appointment please fill in the booking form above providing us with a brief description of the nature of your complaint.





Kay Kershaw (BSc Hons, Advanced P.T.I)


kayprofilenew“The rules are there are no rules”!

A qualified Personal Trainer and educated in the Health & Fitness Industry specializing in anatomy and physiology and the body in movement. My true love is for the ‘great outdoors’ and the ‘Big Open Skies’ of nature. It’s only then that I feel calm and relaxed by being at one with the surrounding environment. In my early years I lived and was educated in Scotland. My involvement in sport at a school age was somewhat restricted as the Isle–of-Lewis had limited leisure facilities. My strength and my natural fitness developed during my late teens working manually as a Salmon Farmer on the freshwater Lochs and Sea Sites throughout the Western Isles.

1996 Appeared on ITV’s Gladiators. Semi Finalist 3rd I trained myself and made my own resistance equipment to get into good condition to be a strong contender.

1997-2005 Royal Air Force Physical Training Instructor. During my service I experienced worldwide travel and worked in Tri Service environments. I took part in the first female trials with the Royal Marines; taught Adventure Training and as a qualified instructor in kayaking, canoeing, climbing and hill walking lead and partook in expeditions worldwide. I taught circuit training and fitness testing sessions. I also created Remedial Packages for servicemen and women.

2004/5..Medically limited Anterior Cruciate Ligament ACL reconstruction, hip and spinal problems. Having retired from the RAF I re-entered the education system as a mature student to update and renew all my training

2005-2007 Education At this point my medical restrictions became overwhelming and increasingly problematic. Bowel disease-Ulcerative Colitis and degenerative spinal discs were debilitating. At this point I realized I would never be employable and took the brave decision to work for myself in a field I was familiar with and become a service provider in Cornwall.

2008 At-Your –Pace Specialist Running Shop & Rehabilitation Clinic. Established to present day

2008-2010 Entered various endurance events including the Classic Quarter a 44 mile run, 10k River Dart Swim, The 3 marathons in 3 days – Atlantic Coast Challenge and many Triathlons and local races. Pain limited range of movement (ROM) and digestive problems always inhibiting my performances and recovery times.

2010 Spinal Fusion, double discectomy 3 level spinal caged fusion with bone graft. This unfortunately led to an uncontrollable flare up of my colitis, causing chronic fatigue, anemia which resulted in iron infusions and a blood transfusion.

2011-Present Day Panproctocolectomy; the total removal of my lower bowel, resulting in an end point ileostomy stoma, a stoma bag for life. I now read more, enjoy learning from others and keep an open mind. This has helped fill the void in my life which I used to cram with hours of training and involvement in sporting pastimes. I know I can be a sponge when someone/thing interests me, so I’m a firm believer that there is something new to be learnt every day. Yoga has helped me to focus on body awareness and mindfulness through meditation and relaxation techniques. I believe everyone can practice some form of healthy living by either physical or mental imaginary. Regular hill walking visits to the Outer Hebrides help me with my chronic pain management and in gaining strength physically and mentally. It’s hard work dealing with all my restrictions but my fundamental principle that the body needs movement to remain as healthy as possible helps me live life to the full. I can relate to what it’s like to live with pain and restriction. I believe being physically activity is essential for spiritual well-being.

‘The wise are balanced, and the foolish are extreme. We all go through periods when we are foolish, and at times we are extreme. But if we want longevity for our bodies we must be wise’.

‘Happiness is only achievable by making the most of what life throws at you’.

Loyd Purvis

Team Member & AYP Trail Running Team MemberLoyd Purvis Transvulcania

Sport has always been a big part of my life – from my early years representing my school at several different sports to present day competing in ultra-marathons. Having competed and had success at 800m and 1500m as a teenager, my early years of running came to a major halt when I was struck down with asthma. I didn’t realize that moving to Cornwall in 2003 would have such a massive impact on my life, my asthma disappeared and I never needed my inhaler again! 2007 would see me complete my first marathon and from that day I have never looked back. After competeing in the Cornish Grand Prix road running series for a couple of years for Hayle runners , I was looking for another challenge. That challenge was to be Triathlon. Not being a very strong swimmer I went about teaching myself how to swim properly. After I completed my first triathlon (Hayle sprint) I was hooked! Starting with sprint distance triathlon I soon worked up to olympic distance. But its always been endurance that has interested me. So in 2011 I trained for and completed Ironman Austria. Once I had completed Ironman Austria, something that I used to look at being impossible! I realised that I was capable of pushing harder and longer than i thought. Being from a running background and not being that strong on a bike I soon found myself making my way back to running. Knowing that I could push harder than I thought the world of ultra running looked very inviting. I decided to jump in the deep end and signed up for Enduroman 100 mile ultra (100 miles around 1.04 mile lap!) It wasn’t pretty but I hobbled to the end a little bit messed up but loved every minute of it . The feeling you get after pushing yourself to the edge, all the highs and lows and crossing that finishing line, is indescribable! Runner long distance has become a big part of my life now, Traveling all over the country and over seas to race. Being part of the AYP trail running team is a dream come ture, training and racing with a team of like minded people is a great thing to be invovled with and I feel very fortunate. Running is so much more than putting one foot infront of another, running on the coast path or in the mountains is an awesome thing to do. Running in stunning suroundings is where I do my thinking, after a busy day theres nothing better than putting on my trail shoes and taking them for a spin!

2007 – Duchy 20, Tresco marathon and Cornish marathon

2008 – Cornish marathon (7th ) and Hayle sprint triathlonLoyd Purvis

2009 – Helston triathlon (15th), UK Ironman 70.3 and Vo2 2.4 mile endurance swim

December 2009 – major hip surgery!

2010 – Helston triathlon, cycled John O Groats to Lands End in 6 days! 2011 – Duchy marathon, Helston triathlon, Ironman Austria

2012 – Duchy marathon, Cornish marathon, Enduroman Ultra 100 (8th) and Festival of Sport 10k sea swim

2013 – Duchy marathon, Adventure Hub 40 mile (6th), UTSW 100 (4th/1st age group), Plague 64 mile (3rd), last day of ACC (2nd).

2014 – Transvulcania 13h 12mins, Classic Quarter (8th/1st age group)

2015 – Results so far… Arc of Attrition 100 Coastal Path 100 Mile RaceAOA 2015 – 5th overall (3rd 40v) 26hrs 33mins, Manchester Marathon 2015 – 2:53:23 191st (33rd 40v)

2016 Arc of Attrition 10th place with only 28 finishers!

Sophie Duncan (Professional Associate)


photo (1)

I have always had a keen interest in Health & Fitness. Having originally worked in offices I decided to follow my passion and retrain in 2009. Over the years I have become a certified level 3 & 4 (hoping soon to be level 5) Sports Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, Mat Pilates Instructor and gained qualifications as an instructor in a variety of exercise classes. I currently split my days between teaching classes, mobile treatments, Jolly Sailor CrossFit and providing Sports Massage Therapy from At Your Pace. Here I treat sporting and non sporting injuries, as well as relieving tired running (or non-running) muscles with deep tissue massage.

Sophie is currently working overseas, hopefully to return to us sometime in the near future.  All of us here at AYP wish her and her family all the very best x

Joe Argall

Team Member


Ever since I was a kid I’ve been active. I love the great outdoors and will never get bored of running on the coastal path or swimming and surfing in the Cornish waters. Easily inspired by friends, family and the pros, I will want to be able do everything: short road races, triathlons, aquathlons, trail races, swim-runs, open water swimming races and maybe one day follow in the steps of the great AYP runners and participate in…. an ultra… maybe! In the meantime, I can’t wait to focus on some shorter distances this year and possibly look at getting a decent marathon time in next year.

Tom Slattery

Team Member

Since primary school sports days running has been a central part of my day to day life. Now running with Cornwall AC and competing over distances from 800m to Half Marathon is still as exciting and enjoyable as it was when I started! Having competed for the South West team in the London Mini Marathon and several Cross Country National Championships I’ve experienced running against the best which only makes me more driven to get closer to my goals! In the meantime working with the AYP team I can continue my training and hopefully take after them in their commitment to their running careers.